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Compliance Solutions

LBL provides customized and 1 stop solutions and helping our clients in understanding the various trade facilitation made available by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (Under Ministry of Finance) and Ministry of International Development Authority (MIDA). It includes both the learning and the applications of these various customs trade facilitation.
Our consultancy and support services allow customs to take advantage to focus on their core business while leave the hassle of report preparation by LBL. LBL services will provides the our clients the confidence in yielding good results, cost savings, avoiding unwarranted penalties and non-compliance, thus contributing towards company.  
To achieve such great result, It is vital for clients to understand the Customs Regulatory and Procedural Matters. Hence it is so important that manufacturing companies enjoying the facilities and approved exemptions, importers, exporters and traders are fully understand the conditions imposed and the procedures that need to be adhered to, so as to ensure good sound practices and compliances.